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The entry level version of theFerrari FF successor will be rear

Energy Spirituality turns empathic gifts into powerful tools for service, rather than ways to be hurt. So, if you were born as an empath, make it your business to become skilled. It could be the smartest business decision you ever make.. Ferrari GTC4 Lusso swaps V12 for V8 and ditches four wheel drive system for new entry level model The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso can now be had with the turbocharged V8 from the 488 supercar, and has made its public debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. It’s the brand’s first four seat car in history to be fitted with a turbo V8.The entry level version of theFerrari FF successor will be rear rather than four wheel drive, although it’ll retain the V12 car’s rear wheel steering system. This has been enhanced to suit the car’s rear drive layout and 46:54 rear weight bias, while the cars magnetic adaptive dampers and host of Formula One derived electronics have all been specifically tailored to the car.Ferrari says the V8 engine «suits day to day driving in urban contexts» suggesting that while the four wheel drive V12 will remain a true GT car, the V8 will become the more usable everyday model.

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